Vintage Dresser Makeover Shines in Seaside

While visiting The Community Forklift, (Hyattsville, MD.) one of our favorite spots, I spotted this vintage dresser and was immediately drawn to it. Looking for the price I saw a green tag that said FREE / Gratis. What? I said "oh we are taking this home." We are getting ready to redo our guest bath and it was a good candidate for a vanity. Woohoo! We loaded it up and brought it home. First thing was to cut it down to vanity size which meant going from 7 drawers to 5. Now it was the right height but too wide for our bathroom. Because of the curve of the front, it would have to be cut and pieced back together. We've turned two vintage pieces into vanities in an 1870's row home and they added so much character and charm, but this was going to be too much trouble (work). The top wasn't in great shape, we removed it, flipped it over and sanded the underside and used that as the top. The stay at home orders early last year had many people working on their homes and projects. It was then I ordered my first Fusion Mineral Paints. I selected Seaside for this project and because I loved the original hardware, I decided to try and clean it up. I used white vinegar and baking soda (bubbly). After soaking about 30 minutes in the vinegar and then scrubbing, I was more than happy with the way they cleaned up. I sanded the heck out of the drawers and then painted. It was my first time using FMP and I ended up painting 3 coats until I was happy.It has a top coat built into it so there was no need to wax and I was ok with that :) I love it and it lives in my sitting area and provides a great pop of color. Isn't that the best? When you score something for a song or free and it looks so rich when it's done. Do you have a favorite piece you've brought back to life?