Happy May Day. Are you familiar with old May Day traditions? I vaguely remember a May Pole, having gone to parochial school I think my memories of that are blurred with the crowning of Mary. I realized I really didn't know too much about it.

So I did a little research. I found it interesting and broad reaching. There is much history about May Day being the day to welcome in spring and celebrating after the end of winter. It later was associated with the labor movement. In the 1800's there were May Poles and May Baskets, a way to welcome in the season.

May Baskets were a small cone made of paper filled with the first flowers of spring and often with some sweets. You were to knock or ring the door bell, leave the May Basket hanging from the door knob and run, you wouldn't leave a note or card letting anyone know who it was from. It also could be done by young men who may have been sweet on a neighbor girl.

I thought this tradition might be fun to replicate. We are fairly new in our neighborhood and I thought what a sweet idea to leave a May Basket on porches or door knobs. Of course these days with Ring camera's everywhere, it will most likely not be a surprise. Below is my practice one for me.

I live where wildflowers are abundant so I decided to go old school and use those. I love them, they are plentiful and beautiful and have an innocence to them. I also like their simplicity. I decided to add a few sprigs from my garden, bleeding hearts and another blue flower and purple flower.

Of course I'm not sure what many of the wildflowers are and pray they are not going to trigger allergies of my neighbors. A good reason for not signing my name.

I used leftover scrapbooking paper for the cones, and punched holes for a string. You could use ribbon or twine. I wrapped the flowers in plastic wrap then a baggie, added a wet paper towel, tied twine around the top and placed them in the cone and tucked in a little piece of tulle.

I added a butterfly seed paper that can be planted for your own wild flowers.

For me, this simple cone of blossoms evokes the warm feeling you get when your child brings you a flower they picked or you held buttercups under your chin to see if you liked butter. Both are such fond memories.

To add something sweet I baked fresh cranberry orange muffins and gluten free blueberry muffins with a certain neighbor in mind. I put those in separate packaging because I didn't want the muffins to get soggy if the water from the wildflowers leaked.

I created a few tags to attach with a sweet sentiment. If you'd like a pdf of the tags, email me and I'll send them to you.

See them below.

It takes me back to simpler times. When we got excited about the ice cream man, or played monopoly on the front porch, maybe hide and seek after a day of baseball in the field. When the street lights would come on and it meant it was time to go in. When the party lights on our screened porch looked like this.

Instead of this.

When the house was full of the sounds of baseball games on the tv and box fans in the windows. Yes simpler times indeed.

Can I just tell you the joy it brought me this morning to knock and run at my neighbors? I am sitting on my porch finishing my post and can hear the couple that recently moved in across the street with a one year old saying "Oh My Goodness - How Fun". It made me happy and I think it made them happy too. Isn't that what it's all about?

I wish everyone reading was close enough that I could leave a cone of flowers at your door.

As you begin this new month of May - may you find joy in the little things, the simple things, and I hope you get a chance to pick some wildflowers.

Thanks for stopping by.

XO, Regina

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