Find Inspiration

I traveled to Terrain in Glen Mills, PA over the weekend and wow. It was everything I had hoped it would be. If you love all things nature and garden, then it's a must see.I first ran across it as part of the Anthropologie store in Bethesda, MD. Here in PA it has taken over an old garden center and the location consists of several building and out buildings, sheds, greenhouse, garden shop, restaurant, and growing fields. Think Quaint - Elegant - Rustic.

From a wide variety of flowers and plants, to candles, pots, soil, dried stems, twinkle lights to orbs, wreath frames and has so much to offer.

You can venture from plants right into the kitchen area with big chunky to die for cutting boards, bar supplies, lavish hand towels and dishes. Around the corner will be candles, lotions, potions, aromatherapy and then inspiration for whatever season or holiday is near. I wanted to work there, to soak up the smells and work in the dirt.

I spotted their workshop space where (Pre-Covid) I'm sure it was bustling with flower arranging, terrarium building and so many other unique DIYs.

So why am I writing about my visit? Well because sometimes all it takes is a visit to some place like this to be filled with inspiration, inspiration that makes you want to hurry home to change up your current space. Sure I could have spent a ton of money, but I tried to be intentional in my shopping, knowing I'd be making the 2.5 hour trip again in the Spring when the outside comes alive. I did buy the most beautiful footed urn, a delicious smelling candle, moss covered balls and a bunch of preserved boxwood.

You are probably thinking I'm getting paid to write this or I was given free products. Nope, just wanted to share that it's places like this that can help to get us out of our decorating rut, and how something small can make a big impact. You can change your space with a new scent or if you are like me, you can take your next walk in the woods and see things differently. I snipped a few branches and added tissue paper flowers, added real flowers to my new urn, added moss balls to my DIY concrete bowl and hung my boxwood from a vintage shutter.

So why the fireplace picture? In an earlier project (blog post coming soon) I sliced birch logs like the ones they have at terrain and adhered them with liquid nails to a board painted black to create this rustic part of a playhouse that now lives in NJ.

I think many of us are feeling a little stuck, sick of the pandemic, tired of that groundhog day feeling. Maybe just a walk outside, even if it's around your yard you might find a little inspiration and hope for spring, because if you look close - enough buds are starting to grow on branches even under the snow.... And if that doesn't work - check out the BLOG on terrain for some definite inspiration. XO Regina