Char-cu-terie Made by Me

Hi friend, happy Friday. As this week ends, I am feeling very grateful, I received my first vaccine Tuesday, which was my first shot in over 32 years...yes I'm a big sissy.

My project today was making a personal sized charcuterie board. I have to admit, it was not that long ago that I remembered how to pronounce that...

I really never considered buying individual boards, or having them made, but I did think of cedar planks you cook salmon on. Mostly because they are inexpensive. If you want to recreate these and not have to cut them, you can click here for the perfect size.

To make them the right size, I figured cutting them down would work. I measured and marked the halfway point which was 8 inches. A perfect size for one.

My thinking is because of Covid, we should take all precautions when entertaining. A single serving board makes sense and is safer than more than one person picking up food from a larger board.

I cut the board in 2 with my jigsaw, and now we have the perfect size, and they were easy to cut.

After cutting, I lightly sanded the end to smooth it out.

The next step was to fill my board.

With St. Patty's Day coming up, I chose that as my theme. A relaxed and casual board perfect for an evening with friends or family. Maybe just a get together for a Guinness and some laughs.

I am eating gluten free these days, so my tortilla chips were

spinach tortillas. I cut them into shamrocks.

I added sharp cheddar cheese, pistachios (green), marcona almonds, figs, gluten free pretzels and Hershey Kisses. Another perfect addition would be green olives.

I'm happy with how it turned out. I've seen some really neat Easter Charcuterie Boards. I just don't need all that candy with my sweet tooth.

I am thinking I might drill a hole and add a leather loop as a handle. Next year I'll cut it in the shape of a shamrock!

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XO Regina