Beautiful Bar Cart Upcycle

It was time to move this from the garage. After my mom passed, I had the task of going through her home and divvying up her belongings. An overwhelming task as anyone that has done it can attest. I've read recently that no one wants their parents things, it was different for my family.Since then I've hosted workshops on turning treasures you don't want for their original purpose, into lasting memories. Mom's vintage sewing machine was one of those things for me. It lived in the garage a few years and I just decided to go for it and transform it. It resides proudly in my dining area and I love having it be useful again. It was pretty much a hot mess, it needed the insides taken out and then I searched for the perfect vessel to drop in as the cooler / holding spot. I marked the outline with a sharpie and then cut out the spot. I had to sand it down a bunch and then use some spackle to fill in the holes. I removed the hinges and sprayed them with spray paint. I cut a scrap piece of wood to add stability to it. I used L shaped metal pieces to attach under the shelf to hold it to the legs. I purchased and added a hook and a can opener on the side and a new drawer pull for the front. I painted it in Fusion Mineral Paint Soapstone and then later added a stemware holder under the base so I could store some glasses. I could only use one since I put the shelf below, there would be no room to put anything on it! The neatest part was a little brass plate with the the maker - Montgomery Ward on it and a parts number. I cleaned it up and placed it front and center when you open the top. Thanks mom :)

Supplies: Vintage Sewing Machine, Better Homes and Garden Galvanized Tub, Wood Scrap for shelf (added storage and extra stability), Drawer Pull, Fusion Mineral Paint in Soapstone, Metal Hook and Bottle Opener, Ready Patch for filling holes and black spray paint for hardware.