A Rustic Valentine Table for Two

I don't really mind that we are eating in for Valentine's Day. We love to cook and even though we've not eaten inside a restaurant in almost a year, it's the ambience I miss the most. Whether you are plating a meal you picked up at your favorite restaurant, or cooking at home, by searching your house or crafting a few DIY's you can create a table setting that reflects your style and makes you smile.

I chose to go subtle with pink, grey and cream. I used a DIY felt garland to the center of the table to tie the look together.

A few weeks back on a dog walk I trimmed these branches. Using pink tissue and green leaf ribbon, I created a few blossoms and buds then hot glued them onto the branches. It's a simple but natural decor that I will keep out through spring.

Dessert will be on display in this rustic cake plate I made from an old piece of oak and a creamy candlestick attached with glue. Dessert doesn't have to be fancy, anything would look lovely under the glass dome. This year I'm making chocolate cups by dipping the bottom of small balloons into melted chocolate. I'll fill with berries and homemade whipped cream, and top it off with pink sprinkles.

To stay with my neutral and rustic theme, I used DAS air dry clay to create a simple napkin ring. It's so easy to use, roll into a ball, flatten with a rolling pin, use a cookie cutter for the shape, then poke two holes in each with a stainless steel straw. I pressed with my XO stamps for a whimsical touch. When dry, I sprayed with Mod Podge and added twine to tie around the napkin.

Adding a menu is a special touch, especially if you get creative with your dish names and tie them to your theme. Here I list "Beloved Berries & Cream" and our signature drink, "Smitten Sangria." I used a picture of a poppy I took, and used the transparency setting to lighten it for the background. I popped it into a frame for display, then added an extra clay heart painted a shimmery pink.

Tying in items from around my house, I added this rustic heart which I love - to the tablescape.

I've got quite the collection of jars and vases. I never met a jar (pickle - jam - spices - soy sauce) that I didn't like OR try to keep. It's a battle in our house to see who gets to it first, Carmine for it to go in the recycle bin, or me who adds it to my jelly cupboard for you know, just the right project. These were a from my sister and I'll be adding a single stem of pink tulips to each to complete the look.

This was how I started the table, I am constantly moving things around until it feels right. There is not right or wrong, be as fancy or casual as you like. You can even skip dinner and set a fun table for a Valentine breakfast. Whatever you do - I hope you enjoy! XO