Meet The Team



Hi! I'm Regina, I have a passion for DIY, Home Decor, Entertaining and Party Planning! One project at a time I am transforming my home into one that makes my heart happy.  Projects range from furniture painting, upcycling thrift store finds, setting an enticing table, crafting individual poems and rearranging furniture. I  get as excited about our outdoor space as the interior, an inviting fire pit, fern lined get the picture!  My wish is for you to be inspired by my projects and learn from my experiences both good and bad!  Oh, and btw, I might have a throw pillow problem.  


Hi, I'm Dempsey. I'm my mom's shadow.  I love DIY's too, I look good in grey paint, and concrete, but it's ok because baths are my favorite. I enjoy eating acorns and pinecones when they fall off a wreath.  I help mom dig in the garden and am really good at picking up sticks.  I think mom spends too much time on her projects...but I wouldn't trade her for the world.



Hi, I'm Carmine and I have not approved this message.  I am the other half, the one who carries the heavy stuff.  I am a very patient teacher but would prefer Regina uses her own power tools.  She has way too many ideas (and throw pillows) and I don't know where she gets her energy. Also, she's not making it up when she says she rearranges furniture...she should add "weekly". Oh and my sidekick is Daisy or "Sissy" to Dempsey.

Can I answer a question for you?   



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